It feels like eating in a quality restaurant

We have a passion for food and we want to serve tasty meals that make people lick their plate.
This sure is the best compliment we can think of.

The first impression


The first impression counts and it creates expectations.
Our meals are like a picture on a plate, presented with great care.
In this way, you can look forward to a present on your table every day.

Authentic taste perception

At Fortified it is all about quality and taste.
So our meals are prepared traditionally with ultra fresh, natural ingredients.
Enriched with vitamins, minerals and proteins (collagen peptides).
Healthy food nourishes your body and mind. We fully agree on the saying you are what you eat.

Delicious vital food


Our meals contribute your vitality, an amazing prospect.

Give nature a helping hand

In our quest for taste and quality, we found that fresh cooked meals do not always contain all
vitamins, minerals and proteins you need.
Vitamin D, for example, comes from sunlight. However, the sun does not shine every day.

Improving traditional technique of French chefs


For centuries in classic French cuisine, chefs have worked with gelatine. This is how their finest dishes are still presented.
We improved this traditional technique by enriching the gelatine with calcium, vitamin D and collagen peptides.
We add these nutrients to a thin layer of gelatine over the meal. That enables us to improve the presentation of every dish and give nature a helping hand.

Fortified: enriched with calcium, vitamin D and proteins (collagen peptides)

Calcium is needed for the maintenance of normal bones and teeth and contributes to normal muscle function.
Vitamin D is important because it promotes calcium absorption in the blood and it also contributes to the normal function of the immune system.
The proteins we add are collagen peptides. They are derived from 100% natural sources and are characterized by a unique combination of 16 amino acids.

Wonderful life with the new generation of meals


Experts agree that senior citizens often eat less because they are less active. Their appetite is often suppressed due to illness, an extensive intake of medicines or their reduced sense of taste and smell. Which might lead to a lack of (micro-) nutrients.
The calcium added to the Fortified meals activates the natural energy in the body when these are eaten once a day.
In addition, a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important.

Scientific proof

The effects of the nutrients we add to our meals are scientifically proven.

The present information on Fortified Food Coating’s products complies with the applicable EU Regulations on nutrition & health claims and on labeling of foodstuffs.


Delicious vitality

We believe that more and more people want to eat responsibly while also eating good quality, tasty food.
What’s more, nutrition plays an increasingly important role in a vital life for seniors, athletes and anyone who wants to improve their quality of life.

From our passion for food, we offer the best meals that contribute to vitality. For anyone who does not want or cannot cook for themselves, we deliver restaurant-quality ready-made meals, expertly prepared by our specialists.

Fresh cooked meals do not always contain the right balance of vitamins, minerals and proteins to keep our bodies in optimal condition. Therefore we add these to the meal.

We have created this new generation of meals because we believe that everyone is entitled to a delicious and vital life.


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