17 November 2016 | 19:00 – 21:00 | Rabobank Rijn en Heuvelrug | Utrechtseweg 25 te Zeist

Fortified Food presents the next generation ready meals produced by Huuskes at the Rabobank care market during the month of self-reliance. Rabobank calls November the month of self-reliance, this month being all about improving the daily life of elderly. Rabobank offers several participants of the Herman Wijffels Innovation Contest the opportunity to present their innovative products that contribute to the self-reliance of elderly.

Huuskes, specialist in healthy food, used the Fortified technology to develop a brand new range of ready meals and started recently with its market introduction. The meals of Chef Vitaal contribute to the goal of the month of self-reliance, a restaurant quality ready meal with added proteins, vitamin D and calcium. Rabobank, Huuskes and Fortified believe that everyone deserves a meal of high quality in a normal plate and together want to contribute with this to an enjoyable and vital life for elderly.


Interested in this delicious and nutritious restaurant quality meal? Look at www.chefvitaal.nl or contact us for additional information.

More information about the month of self-reliance is available on: https://www.rabobank.nl/bedrijven/cijfers-en-trends/gezondheidszorg/maand-van-de-zelfredzaamheid.